UFC Pre-Fight Interview with Matt Hamill & Weight-In Event


Matt “The Hammer” Hamill, the deaf Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter, prepares for his first ever main event fight in Las Vegas on December 5, 2009. Interviewed by Joel, Hamill gets ready to face Jon Bones Jones in the heavyweights finale. The underdog, Hamill is confident that he will become one of the top ten fighters in the world, and ultimately the world champion. Joel also interviews Duff Holmes, Hamill’s trainer, who calls him a “pure athlete.” Watch the weighing-in of Jon Bones Jones and Hamill!


  • Wow the fight was…unimaginable! those illegal elbow jabs was where my heart sunk for Matt! So emotionally scary! However, MATT WON!! This isn’t the sport for me, but the support for Matt. 🙂

  • Wow ,Lucky Matt won so far . He need to be more trading for how to fight more speed than joe. he did very good fast speed better than you but be wise for you to prepare for next rematch. Good Luck never give up your hope in your future ok. Smile!GO GO MATT BRING YOUR HAMMER WITH YOU HA HA !

  • Your first true main event turned out so remotely humiliated in Jones’ name he cheated your dream. For what he did was illegal because he was chick out by your true fight. Your heart is a true GOLD that shines to EVERYONE, the deaf & CODA fans even through if you win or lost. I admired your dream. Keep your dream to be accomplished. You can re-match against the bias fighters: Jones & Bisping in the future when you are ready. Go The Hammer!**legs stompin’** **hands clappin’**

  • Long time MMA fan here – Hamill was simply out-classed (Sorry Matt) by this Jon “Bones” Jones and I bet he won’t be in action for a long while. I just hope that there won’t be a rematch. It’d be criminally insane if Hamill wanted a rematch. No matter what – we all, including myself, look up to Hamill for what he has done in the UFC. There’s nobody else in the Deaf community that can measure up to Hammer here.

    HAMMER – I’m just trying to send you this message to you personally. Please don’t even think about fighting “Bones” again. He’s a future champ. His style just doesn’t match up well against you or even anybody else in the 205 division. Maybe drop to 185 and challenge Bisping to a fight? Whatever you do, I’ll be rooting you on no matter what.

    All the best,

  • Did you know that it was first time Matt Hamill got tackle by any UFC. He just simple make one little mistake and lucky that he won. I will still always cheer for him and hope he will get the title match one day.

  • I watched the fight with much excitment however within the first few minutes, Bones just had too much speed and technique.. I never questioned The Hammers’ heart… but at the same time feared for it..
    the Match was not even close.. and the elbows were not intentional.. Bones kept looking up and was getting tired..therefore he got sloppy.. though a violation on his part.. Please Matt.. for your safety DO NOT FIGHT HIM again.. if so.. it will not be pretty..
    god speed on your recovery and the best to you in 2010

  • that was a great fight the heart in matt was great he is tuf to defend himself after a dislocation he diserved the win i wish i become a fighter just like matt he is 100% heart and it came out great

  • I want matt hamill to be more stronger and keep up still fight all season . He is very good to win the championship in the future.

  • Pretty interesting match. I hope Matt has a speedy recovery and a successful future career.

  • Been a fan of Matt’s since the TUF show.

    Finally got to meet him earlier this year at a UFC event and he was the most down to earth guy there, a real class act.

    Cheers Matt!