The Apple is Awesome Series: SloMo on the iPhone 5s

Jed, as we all know, subscribes to the cult of Apple Computers. This self-admitted Apple addict has made sure to make all of the latest gadgets and releases a part of his existence immediately. His latest toy? The iPhone5s! Watch as he shows you one of the coolest features to be released: slow motion on the phone in incredible quality. He shares some great clips straight from his phone with us. Check it out!!


  • Mr. Barish, thank you very much sharing your tech information with us. Your statement about phone’s camera quality makes quite different and useful.

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  • Love the slo-mo feature so much! I just started using this feature to help CSD football team during practice and it was very helpful!

  • Hey Jed,

    Are that your kids? Wow been growing up and busy with the family, of course. However, your swing is fantastic and can see no more hooks or slices! LOL.
    Take care Jed.