Hands On with the iPad 2

Jed has the hottest and latest gadget to hit the market; the IPad2! Watch the story of how Jed was first in line in Austin to get the coveted device, and learn why he decided to upgrade his old IPad to get the new IPad2. What’s the difference, and should you get one?


  • Thank you so much to explain the function of ipad2, I have an doubt in buying it. There is one thing I am concern about ipad2, since it is small and light weigh, is there a cd/dvd drive in it?

  • How amazing! Of course, I really wanna ipad 2 but first I must purchase an iphone 5 in June since my sidekick device will shut down on May 31st this year due to danger data service. So, I need to practice on touchscreen that might frustrate me in the beginning but I will get used to it and love it… Thanks for sharing your knowledge on that… Your daughter Anulani is such an adorable doll who played hopscotch. 🙂

  • CC on Youtube won’t work on Ipad2. That sucks. We need to talk to youtube and apple about this. This lack of accessibility to Deaf people is not acceptable.

  • Jed,
    you did great vlog to explain about ipad 2 in any apps and I hope to get ipad 2 today from fed ex. I cant wait ha. I know Mac, iphone 3gs/4, ipad/ipad 2 and ipod touch are in marriage… Of course iphone/ipod work with ipad2 for home sharing/bluetooth…etc…

  • Thank you Jed My pleasure that you explain everything with 5 stars I agree with Brent ha ha. thank you again.

  • what a great milestone that everyone needs it to live with, meaning I carry with it allll the times? Later I cannot survive without it. I will be married to it.

  • Hey Jed- That was an awesome explanation. You saved me alot of reading to do by showing me what Ipad2 can do basically. But Im sure there is alot more in it. I just want to thank you for making this video a great one. Keep up the good works! Say hello to your parents and brother.


  • Ordered mine with 32G via the Internet on March 11th after 5 pm because, like you said, the line at the nearby Apple store was too long. Been tracking my order where it left China last week and should arrive by this Tuesday via Hong Kong and Anchorage. Cant wait to watch subtitled movies during my two long trips to Australia and South Africa this summer – a way to compensate those inaccessible movies on these airplanes! Thanks for showing us how to appreciate these features!

  • As of today, April 4, 2011, all the stores are out of iPad2. No one knows when the next wave of supply will arrive. We all watch for announcement.
    Netflix doesnt show captions on iPad, iPad2 and iPhone 4 while it works well on PC.

  • Jed,
    Im a mac user and would like to buy Ipad2 someday but Im wondering how much GB do I need to be able to use VRS?

  • Is HTML 5 functionable on iPad 2 yet? Since Apple don’t support Flash therefore the closed captioning on YouTube wouldn’t function. The cc and html 5 is in slow development. Would love to use iPad if accessibility was not an issue.

  • Great ! I got new Samsung galaxy tab 7 inch . I love them. I already download VRS P3 is working nice . I need more upgrade later. i am still learning.
    Always new better technology !

  • iPad2 is Champ!
    I alway bring my iPad2 with me (include netflix, video editing, etc…) freedom away from home ha
    Old Computer was slave stay at home no any more…
    Jed, Thank you for explain 100% with 5 stars