Hand On with the iPad (3rd Gen)


  • Jed, I have problem with IPad with download of abode flash player why block how can access instead of adobe flash player. Also not 100% of cc not even on CNN , abc, local news everything not alike laptop sad where educate for us Deaf.

    • Adobe Flash player wont be able to run on iPad and iPhone devices. Its completely based on HTML5 which Youtube desktop version for mobile safari is being available with their CC feature only from the browser not through Youtube App yet. There are some Apps like Hulu and ABC already included CC. It takes time for developers to integrate CC everywhere.

  • Hand on with the ipad (3rd gen.)
    Appreciate that you have shared your feedback on the ipad. I am going to buy either iphone or ipad. Which would you rather to buy first ipad or iphone? I am traveling a lot and socialize with the hearing people. Thanks for your suggestion. R