15-Second David Ludwig Bloch, Deaf Artist Survivor


  • 15 second video is too fast to look at. Could u increase time so we can take little more time to look at each slide. Thanks

    • We give short glance about different facts about Deaf people. People can google them online. We might expand more contents in the future. Thank you

  • I Liked the “tidbits” you haves shown about people unknown to me. I thihk it is a lesson for Deaf People who do not know much about the Deaf in long ago times or recently. I am a military wife and lived in two different countries, when my husband serving in the Military. that was in the ate 1950’s and the middle 1960. It was a lesson learned about how some deaf people in those places did not have sign language nor the finger alphabet they just used points and what ever else. and learning about this that you are showing now , it a surprise learning about those of “yore”. I hope you keep posting things like that every now and then. Betty