15-Second Andrew J. Foster, Deaf Leader Visionary Educator Administrator

15-Second Andrew J. Foster, Deaf Leader Visionary Educator Administrator


  • Thank you, Deaf Nation, for this lovely tribute to my father Andrew Foster (27 June 1965 – 3 December 1987).
    May I gently make a couple of corrections?

    My father did not attend Michigan School for the Deaf. When he moved from Birmingham, Alabama to Detroit, Michigan at the age of 17 (1942), he had applied to MSD. He was not admitted because he was not a Michigan resident, yet. Even though my father had lived briefly with his uncle in Detroit, his uncle’s residence status could not extend to Andrew Foster. However, a few years later, after he established Michigan residency, his younger brother Edward Foster (who became deaf through polio in the same year that Andrew contracted meningitis) was able to enroll in Michigan School for the Deaf, through Andrew’s residency status.

    By God’s grace, my father established more than 22 schools for the deaf — 31 schools in 13 countries. Our family rejoices that several countries (e.g, Nigeria, Ghana, etc.) and other organizations have taken on the mantle of educating the deaf and have established schools for the deaf throughout the vast continent.

    Faith Foster

  • I am a 1952 graduate of Berkeley, California State School for the Deaf. I am totally deaf and very vocal. I speak well, so I am told. I am married to a retired Military person who has spent 22 years in the Air Force. I have lived overseas and moved around a lot and learned a lot . Now I am permanently settled in my home town and never want to leave it again. HOME is where the heart is as the saying goes.

    Out of loneliness living overseas and around military families, and no Deaf people around to talk too, I used my whit’s (my eyes and brains) to learn the things that the country or state of the things they did. I have written a manuscript of my life living in this hearing world and have done research on my family’s surname which I have gone back to the 1500’s to the present. I have made a 3 ring “picture story” using just pictures of the Settlement that one Weaver relative bought one (1) square mile of land in 1835 and established the “Weaver Settlement” in Indiana. The settlement began with 50 families. It is now just historic area used as a picnic area that the citizens go too once a year to remember where it began.
    I do not know what to do with the information. Could you advice me on what I could do with the information?
    Thank you.