John Maucere Talk Show: John Smith

John Maucere interviewed John Smith in Oslo, Norway Enjoy the interview with his guest filmed live from Norway!


  • You were in show with John Smith from Norway. You try BSL spell make me laugh cuz you try catch BSL spell. He said Maisy dog name. I used BSL and ASL. Begin ISL still learn. I am traveling in UK and Ireland for 9 months and I will back to America in Feb to Illinois but I will fly to Arizona in March for a month look for a place then back to Illinois for family summer time. Why i come to Ireland for family Tree cuz i learn that my great family were potato famine during 1840 time. I hope to see you somewhere in Deaf Nation in Phoenix, AZ. From Gael O’Connell

  • Hey guys! When was this filmed? I’d love to see you guys in England!! You both are so brilliant and hilarious! I’m so proud of you two to accomplish in the Deaf world with comedy. Keep it up! xox

  • I would love to attend John Smith’s comedy show when he comes to USA. Let me know where it will be, I will be there..