John Maucere Show with Paul Raci & Troy Kotsur


  • I really am admired with the whole thing, the show and incoming movie. Looking forward to it. How can I praise this? I really want to contribute the time to support to this organization, business or our side of world. The world of American Sign Language, Sign Language or whichever that use body movements for visual commmunication. I have a concern and want to ask for your opinion.

    The word, “hearing” and “Deaf”, does the label become narrow to this day? We know in the past, “hearing” represet the people who do use verbal to communicate, exchange message or whatever reasons and purpose. They do not use sign language. When I was in Graduate school and the program use sign language in the classroom and there were “hearing” students that can sign. The professor use the word, “hearing” to describe aa the people that do not sign, but what about them, the “hearing” students in the classroom. They can communicate very well in sign language. I asked the professor the situation with the label. I suggested the better word to describe are, “non-signer” and “signers”. Why? I know there are people who can hear, do sign and involve with signers world as well. And what is more, ther are people who can not hear, do not sign or not part of sign world. When say “Deaf”, does that include people with hearing lost in later age and does not interact with sign world?

    That is what I wonder about the word, “Deaf” and “Hearing” vs. “Signers” and “non-signers”


  • Awesome, truly. Kudos to Troy for being chosen as a director which I know he will move mountains, no doubt. Very talented. A wonderful friend, too, back in college days and Sunshine Too – Theatre on Tour days. This show with all the actors involved was also very entertaining. I love the parallel to Jay Leno show. Love it, ((smack)). Entertainment in the Deaf community is just priceless and cherished. I look forward to the coming of the Deaf Ghost movie! Thank you, DEAFNation for portraying shows like these! It also paves the way for others who are inspired to dream and make it a reality.