John Maucere Show with Bernard Bragg & Marlee Matlin

Bernard Bragg
Marlee Matlin


  • Great job Mr. Maurere! I love the way you interviewed Marlee Matlin and Bernard and Bragg. I also enjoyed your many short stories, they get better every time! I will love to come down to watch your show someday.

  • Excellent Job!!! So I love to see you will be guest on Jay Leno Show someday. That will be great. Im really enjoying the way you interviewed with Marlee Matlin. Good Job!!

  • Excellent show.. I always admired Marlee Matlin since I was a little girl. She was my main inspiration to go after my dreams.. Now I am going to graduate with my MA in few months.. Thank you Marlee! John, you continue to inspire the deaf community to be positive. I am still honored that you taught me ASL, and inspired to be a better member in the deaf community. Thank you once again.
    Excellent Videos. I hope this can be sold on DVDS, so I can show to the hearing community that we do have our own just like the hearing community.

  • Very good to see Marlee on the screen again. i am fan of her even though she can be bitch! i feel her on that! LOL! i hope she will do MORE shows or to make movie flim!

  • I am amazing how many deaf, deaf/blind, hard of
    Hearing doing a lot of show! I have watch so many
    Of them with talents show. Marlee Martin, Heather White inspired me and I admire there hard work!! My dream is become an actor or background sow or Anthony oi can accomplish the dream come true!! I believe in that!! I love the dancing of the movement anybody languages. I love to feel music inspired me and I love to involved in acting but hope someone would allowed give me an opportuniy. I love the show See Whst I am Saying!! Hiliri Safrai she is a great Director and nice person I have spke with and she understand the real deaf cultures. I love to watch all the comedy show. It can reach out alot of young deaf children, teenager, and senior! Age has nothing to do being old is what we think!! We are born “emotion of Silence” that is Mt goal of my own project!! I am hoping if I could find a director would lead me a job in actors . I would bring a dream for deaf young actors. It is beautiful to see the ASL Sign Languageswe Rock DeafNation!! Live ut!!! Amen to the deaf and hearing World!! Ellen Rice Deaf 2011 of January 23rd.

  • I watched the video show. It was GREAT SHOW!
    All of 3 actors are fabulous ! i enjoyed to watched the show.

  • Honestly,, I always love to watching of John marcere and Marlee marlin show.. I never boring of both.. Enjoy and laughed and thrilled !!! Both are the best shows what I had ever see ,, god bless uuu ..big white teeth smiles :@))