Behind The Scenes of The John Maucere Show – Live in Hollywood

Live in Hollywood: The John Maucere Show’s┬áCast & Crew:
John Maucere – Entertainer
Michael Luna – Drummer
Allisun Kale – Voice-over Actor
Ricky Mitchell – Voice-over Actor
Gregg Brooks – Producer
Patrick Weeks – Head of Crew
Kimberly Mitchell – Stage Manager
Young J – Lighting
Lauren Maucere – Set Designer
Tia Albert – Make-Up Artist
Tina Tremblay – Make-Up Artist
Jon Savage – Camera Crew
Jed Barish – Camera Crew
Joel Barish – Camera Crew
Deaf Theatre 405 at CSUN – Stage Crew


  • I watch your show John Maucere at Hollywood. wow I real deaf show like as Jay leno awesome !!!! I want keep they show future. I love it so much !!
    I am live from Minnesota. Have good day.
    David Hagstrom

  • now its about time because i have been watching jay leno little funny by with the closed caption read and boring but now john maucere show in hollywood and i am thrilling to watch because i am deaf 100 percent so i watch often plus he is good joke made me laugh so hard and i feel better please list me john keep going show dont stop if if you not going show anymore please tell all america help ok goodluck keep going thanks roland from maine i knowfar from california 3000 miles away but i watch john wow

  • Im really happy that They set up the Live video and can watch again on interent. I really enjoy John Maucere Show. Im really hoping the show will be once a week show. I wish that able to be come watch Live in califorina. I live in Rhode Island. But I still enjoy watch on interent.

    I want to say to John Maucere, MANYS THANKS for your funny jokes!

  • It’s very wonderful to see show, “The John Maurer Show” on Deaf Nation website. I can’t wait for more shows to watch and laugh. I live in Illinois. Keep it up, John.. And Joel Barish…. I am glad I met Joel at DeafNation golf in Illinois a couple years ago. Amazing guys!! Judith

  • Hey, I really enjoyed your show, The John Maucere Show! That is funny that many people say it is better than Jay Leno! So keep it up! And I have a question. What is light stand next to drum? What is that? Please answer me! Thanks.

  • cool best I like show deaf feel same way “the john Maucere show!!!! great very wow awesome!!!! I am from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

  • Wow, we want to fly down to see The John Maucere Show some day. When is it? Thanks, Stan and Marie

  • I enjoyed the show !! It was wonderful because there many hearing people have their own .. where is deaf? This is perfect opportunity for deaf people to show out world and show hearing people that deaf people can do it !! It was a good show and once again, I enjoyed the show !!

  • first of all. I want to thanks for everything that the deaf people can do it, just like hearing person doing it for many year.. now look at john maucere show.. everything from the bottom to the top floor stage to producer to entertainer. that s mean every deaf person can do it anything that motivating to do it..
    I love john maucere.. he is great man i ever know

    kelly twidt

  • Hello!
    I love this show, I never tire of the show. Hope they will come more quickly?
    Finally, I would say to John Maucere, you did a good job. I hope to see you again on the web screen again:) I come from Sweden and understand the next all in ASL. but the alphabet, I try to understand but always missed: P

    hugs from Sweden / Karola Rasmussen