Update, The Value of Paper Money

Missy follows up with an update on her original video, β€œThe Value of Paper Money,” when her daughter had torn a $20 bill in half. Now Missy explains what has happened since that original video, and just how the system works in case you find yourself with half of a $20 bill.

See the original video here at: http://video.deafnation.com/missysview/the-value-of-paper-money/


  • wonder about that as I know paper money have metallic strip embed in one half side and wonder if your 20 dollar bill does not have metallic strip embed? ” wrong half of the bill”

  • Missy’s view I always enjoy watch her video because its the fact and apply to life itself. I admire her show.. Please dont ever remove her in the future.. Missy is a great influence on everyone and I believe so. Missy is a great report view.

    Its a fact!

    Thank you so much

  • Maybe you’re right, Or they just laugh at the letter and threw it away!! Oh boy that better not be the case!

  • Few weeks ago I accident ripped my $20 bill out of my money clip.

    I took to the bank. The bank teller first check the serial number on the $20 bill to see if halves matched. And, they gave me a new $20 bill.

    As long the serial numbers matched of damaged bills and the banks will replace.