Saguaro Cactuses

What do you know about cactuses? You think they’re unimportant plants? Think again! Missy explains a lot that we never knew about the majestic prickly cactus. For example, did you know that they provide sustenance to many desert animals? Did you know they can hold water for THREE years?! We didn’t think so! Watch this educational video to learn more about this misunderstood desert plant.


  • Those cactus have helped Geronimo and his band of warriors cut out and drink for survival.They run 70 miles without water. Apaches are great stability and athletic warriors .Geronimo took a water and held his mouth and ran 70 miles many times,then he can swallow or spit out he is very tough war chief.

  • I am obsessed with the cactuses 🙂 This is so educational and fascinated !

    Thanks so much Missy !


  • I learned that cactus has, oh no, sorry for dementia ugh pout, one word (four letters) that the ppl may use cactus for soothing sunburn. I know one family who tends to use cactus for soothing their fair skin’s sunburn. Yes, it’s great to use cactus for soothing sunburn. Feel sooo good! Smiling…