Laughter is the Best Medicine


  • During watching you on vlog about laughing is best medicine. Cute little girl (your daughter?) came up to you, danced and made funny face. She made me big smile and laughed while you talked about the topic seriously. Good job!

    • Thanks!! I thanked my daughter to make the best one for me. I was way too serious and it was about a laugh!! I did not laugh at all. Crazy idea I had ha ha… My daughter had NO idea what I was talking about. How concidence!

      • Aloha Missy. Awww your daughter is so cute. How fast she’ve grown. I last saw you and your family when you moved from Hawaii. Looking forward to seeing your vlog soon.

  • Agreed 100% Laughter is best medicine. My kids always make me laugh. I never thought kids would laugh 400 times a day while adults only laugh for 15 times a day. Amazing!

  • What a wonderful video. Perfect that while you’re talking about how children are not serious but laugh at everything, you’re daughter comes up to dance, smile, make faces, and just prove your point. 😉 Very interesting video, thanks for sharing!

  • Interesting view, Missy. One of my British friends went to watch the American sport games and she felt like a kid. She laughed a lot and loved it so much!

  • Wow! i didn’t know children could laugh 400 times a day. it was interesting.. thanks for sharing by the way, you live in Phx?

  • Missy,
    I enjoy viewing your all videos. Thank you very much for sharing. Thank you for your great time to share with us.
    Thanks again!!!!

  • I think adults laugh less because we have concerns kids don’t have, such as making money to pay the bills, the world, the gov’t shutdown, etc.