Missy’s latest video is on the scene of a Deaf Senior fundraiser. In this short but sweet video, she talks about how we need to contribute and support homes for Deaf seniors. There aren’t enough… when you get old, you’d like to live with other Deaf, right?


  • Missy, according to the deaf history since 1930, many young deaf people have learned a lot from older people in regular deaf clubs as usual about jobs, tax laws, home repairs, car repairs, ripoffs, marriages and many other things. Nowadays some regular deaf clubs have been closed. More and more senior citizen clubs have appeared steadily. Regular deaf clubs are beginning to disappear. The deaf people over 55 go to senior citizen clubs and stick to them. They go less and less to regular deaf clubs. The young deaf people under 55 are not allowed to join the senior citizen clubs. They feel left out when there is no regular deaf club. How pitiful. In my opinion, mixed ages together would help educate young people. I do care for them even though I am 74 years old.

    • reply to deaf history. the 30’s were a difficult time for the deaf kids some got educated some did not and the some who did were quite lucky. I guess you would say you and I were one of the lucky ones. there used to be clubs in cities that had quite a few or maybe a lot of members b’tween the 50’s and upwards that had bowling contests, picnick gatherings, announcements mailed out for future things that would be held.. but since the late 90’s everything is “wired to go” and the older deaf people are lost between the newage signslanguages, and the way of communicating, the computer, tweeter, facrbook and so forth.. so its left to the younger people those classified as maybe “baby boomers, or other modern classification, but some of the oldies dont know how to handle these things so maybe they prefer to be with those who understand “old school” ways of doing things and prefer to be near them and so now its the 21st century and its ideas of “save a tree’ no penmanship anymore? no flyers any more. did the “well go dry? is penmanship going out to be obselete like cars and things normally do? oh well, here we are in the 21st century and us “oldies but goodies” are still around.


  • I really enjoyed your ” Missy’s view” shows very much. The one I liked was about never too late to learn English is very true and senior citizens for all deaf, should have more all over USA. I will keep viewing more of Missy’s views ahead.

  • there will be a senior deaf and deaf-blind, and blind community in Morganton, North Carolina, hopefully with the first unit building by 2016. This project is not be HUD. It is a private community for any deaf, deaf-blind, and blind in the U.S. First come, first serve. More information, go to Facebook under Future North Carolina Senior Deaf Retirement Community. Yes, we do need more senior deaf facilities.

  • This is an issue that I think about often. I am a CODA, and I worry about my Mom a lot. She is 69 and I know there will be a day where I will not be able to take care of her anymore. Just by visiting friends in nursing home, I know I will NEVER send my Mother there. We live in Northeast Florida and from my perspective, many facilities do not follow the law, to provide interpreters. And if your are Deaf it seems that the nurses tend to scream at Deaf patients, like there is some cure that was given to them and all the sudden they can hear. If you are deaf and put into a home it is basically the end of life, basically a life sentence of isolation. My Mom is fine now, but when the day does come, hopefully it wont, what do I do?