• Far Out & too hilarious!!! I am forward to see your next more video coming soon ๐Ÿ™‚
    I did added you to one of our MHCAD website as link so deaf people can check it out! Great Video!

  • Obviously loose my own tongue out of my mouth, I fall in love with SUPERDEAFY because I am DC Comics fan even popular TV Comedy show/movie fan, too! More shocked to know still more new movies of my super favorite hero coming sooner average each week, smack forehead and lip! I wish to take place of introducing newscaster and follow new famous Superdeafy all time till no end!!!! I fall in with Superdeafy! I already showed off of it to my daughter and my deaf friends!

  • Oh oh oh please for my sake and more than that, please become carefully become aware toward new deaf comedy hero SUPERDEAFY! Ok, I can not afford to do comparing this feature to any level because I still loves these shows/movies like that but in deaf world I am very impressed to have real deaf comedy actor Superdeafy making me loosing my tongue and wet my eyes and shoot arrow into my heart! SMACK SUPER SMACK SMACK That there will features more nine new movies of this hero, hop high to hit my head against ceiling, happy happy! Ok please be aware toward SUPERDEAFY, please please!

  • OH Oh I love that show and it is very funny as Im really enjoying it to watch it. So Hiliarious!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • jajajaja me parece chistoso menos que los sordos de la cultura, puede ser mejorar la identidad de la comunidad sorda eso es muy obra de teatro, creo que ve un poco mรกs impacto de superdeafy
    muchas felicitaciones
    medellin colombia

    jajajaja me as funny unless the deaf culture, may be to improve the identity of the deaf community that is very theatrical, I think it looks a little more impact superdeafy
    Many congratulations
    medellin colombia

  • Crazy, splendid! I watched these movies more than 2 times! Impress by second movie featuring’Laura’ acting like as DEAF LOIS LANE so exactly, wow! Thank you and thank you! Wish SUPERDEAFY shall become public TV show for seven seasons, ha!

  • I’ve known John for many years, he’s unique person that brings laughter to everyone! My husband mitch says big Hey and when are you guys gonna golf together again ๐Ÿ™‚
    See you @ PR in June!!!!

  • I love this stuff! Thanks for making me laugh. I especially love the subtle things I miss the first time I watch. I always catch a little more every time I watch them again. John is a true comic genius…I’m waiting to see more.

  • I really enjoy that. john is very friendly and nice person in real person. I know him but did not know him well he used to help me and was my deaf interpreter and I still wanted to thank John for everything with his help and I enjoy his webisode and hopeful to see him sometime. =]

  • Wow, Lauren and Superdeafy remind me of movie called “spiderman”! I bet they will kiss one day! HEHE! I love superdeafy!

  • I watched this movie again and stared at Lauren as Lois Lane and really agreed the situations on most deaf points in any problem like that! I will continue next movie till 10th or maybe new update!
    John, thank you! Robert

  • this is my favorite tv show. its very funny. I hope john could invite me amanda and david in his show i could be the women who tongue touches my nose, and david could be john, amanda could be superdeafy.. Lol!

  • Is Superdeafy’s wife is Lauren????? I saw movie and superdeafy fall love with Lauren??? I wondered

  • I just found the movie “No ordinary hero” is the super deafy show or is it on a channel my younger Son was born with hearing loss but his older was not and I was just want to expose us to more ASL.