• Sign for Oregon: O (circle)No movement from shoulder. I am Oregon native. My parents who were deaf signed the same way as we The Oregonians! NO SALES TAX!

  • I laugh so loud at Superdeaf’s funny actor video show deaf people live any city of resident and native in oregon know about oregon sign but dont know what is oregon for??? OREGON MEAN O (ZERO) IS NO TAX…. so I live kent, wa about 160 miles-3hours to Portland,Or.

  • Hi, I’m a hearing person. I took ASL I & II, and I watch DeafNation videos in the hope of improving my comprehension (which is not very good). One nice thing about the SuperDeafy walks is that he asks the same question over and over again, so eventually I figure out what he’s signing.

    But there are 2 signs he does over and over again and I don’t know what they are. Both use the Y-hand. Sometimes he brings a Y hand down on a B hand, and sometimes he brings a Y hand down on a 1 hand. Can anybody tell me what this means? (It’s not “impossible” is it?)

    Also, does anybody know of a good ASL to English Dictionary? I have the Gallaudet Handshape Dictionary, but it’s not helpful most of the time.