• Hi Missy…I remember you from my DVD’s in my fingerspelling class. Looking forward to “Missy’s View”.

  • So good to see you again via the web! I love all your work you’ve published on video and DVD. I’m a graduate of the Phoenix College Interpreter Prep Program and watched a lot of your material – which by the way was one of my favorites. I look forward to lots more “Missy’s View”. Glad you’re here!

  • Hi Missy, we met in Monterey County, Ca. deaf/hard of hearing program when you would come and so storytelling. We missed you. I’m so happy to see you on the web. I will check in often to your blog.


  • So great seeing your beautiful smile and congrats to your upcoming newborn hope you’ll give birth on my birthday Sept. 10th. I consider Virgo a great sign filled with love,warmth,caring,giving,forgiving and love living in clean environment………
    Only DARK choc yummy me drooling…By the way as for brushing n cleaning teeth (flossing me not reguarly)but my sister, very faithful A to Z taking care of her teeth for years due to close call despite that she just discover she has the gavisis (gum disease ) dentist told her its congatious from kissing someone who has the gum disease. Yike it’s costly poor my sis.. Thousand of dollars .I told her next time if kiss use flash light to check and make sure clean teeth Once a coda dentist Dr Katz (Austin ) questioned me why many deafies have bad teeth making me wonder if dorm parents make sure kids bushes their teeth.I know myself 25 yrs as dorm mom kids often go w/o bushing I had to reminded them daily. One example student had no paste or tooth bush but was afraid to ask and uses her friend’s. I suggest all Houseparents please check your students to take care of their teeth start early so can set good habit..Children are our future… Thanks with love and light,Mary

  • One more thing I love your beautiful message regarding of all kinds of level and hearing loss WELCOME with your opened arms very loving Missy looking forward your upcoming view….cherish and love them all as one group of deaf in this huge World.

  • Missy,
    Today is August 6, 2011. You made my night! I enjoy watching your messages. I want you to know that you are amazing! I will share this with my students. I will continue watching your messages here. Thank you, Missy for your time to share with all of us.