Alana reminds viewers that friendship is a two way street. With today’s technology and social media, we often lean to voyeuristic behaviors and observe other people post about their lives. We we should become more mindful and reach out to your friends. Alana challenges us to reach out to a friend we haven’t contacted in a long time. (captioned)


  • To whom it may concern,

    I would love to get more of your comments. It true about friendship. Can you keep sending me more please?


  • Bless heart all my friends still here and long time get reach others . I live on two world hearing world and deaf world real aw some getting alone with us respect each other good manners alway love them so much . Meet. New people still want be friends I am here for them . I speaking language English and Spanish , French, Germany, just few words to help them respect each other as wish be friends in loves live on we are human life nature live on it . I use asl and bsl language for sing language . My desire learn everyday in my life . Make god happy that who they are .
    Thank you for share good common sense .
    Bless your hearts mike Clark 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing! Keep them coming! Your words of wisdom do help us to think and act so thank you.

  • i agree about friendship and I will do that today to email some friends i have not see for a long time and some friend I did not care but it is not right and i will do that. thank for comment.